J Scott. Lish Properties. Ellicott City, MD

J Scott. Lish Properties. Ellicott City, MD

Optimizing & Scaling Your Real Estate Business


J Scott (he goes by “J”) is a full-time entrepreneur and investor, living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. J is an engineer and business guy by education, and spent much of his early career in Silicon Valley (California), where he held management positions at several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft and eBay.

In 2008, J and his wife Carol decided to leave the 80-hour work weeks and the constant business travel behind. They quit their corporate jobs, moved back East, got married, started a family and decided to try something new. That something new ended up being real estate – in the past nine years, they have bought, built, rehabbed,
sold, lent-on and held over $40M in property.

J runs the popular website 123Flip.com, and is the author of three books on real estate investing, including the best-selling, The Book on Flipping Houses. His books have sold over 100,000 copies in the past five years and have helped investors from around the world get their start with real estate.

J can be reached at j@123flip.com.

BiggerPockets Podcast 010 : Flipping Houses 101 with J Scott:


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